1992 Honda Accord or 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage or 1997 Dodge Avenger ES Sports?

Hi, I want to buy a reliable and inexpensive car for commute for 3 months, of 35 miles(one way) daily on highway. I have narrowed to these three option in my budget and locality. I am planning to keep car for only six months (till my graduation), with low maintenance. Help me deciding one.
1992 Honda Accord, 135K Mileage, $1900
1997 Dodge Avenger ES sports, 144K Mileage, $1500
1997 Mitsubishi Mirage LS sedan, 104K Mileage, $2500


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Even though the Honda is older, I agree with the other people who suggest the Honda.

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We had a 91 Honda Accord which we gave to our son when it had 150,000 miles on it. That was 7 years ago. It now has over 220,000 miles and just keeps running.

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He took it after we bought a Honda CR-V (wife) and a Honda Civic (me). We now have about 65,000 miles on each.

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With all 3 of them, we never had a major repair.

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A lot of people will ask their buddies before buying a car. But how many people do they know? And how many cars have the buddies owned (and for how long)?

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So I usually go to Consumer Reports and check out their ratings. They accept no advertisements and no donation of products. They test the vehicle and tell you how they tested them. Once a year, they also survey their readers and ask what car do they own and the repair history of the car. For years, Consumer Reports has rated Honda as a "Best Buy".

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You might decide to keep it for a while after you graduate while you find a job and start saving money. Or, if you do sell it as you plan - the reputation of the Honda will help you get more of your money back.

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Buy the Dodge The Jap cars will kill you in high repair bills.

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definitely the accord, i have a 1989 accord, and i go everywhere with it

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While the model, make, and price are important, it is more important what's under the hood. Make sure it is in good mechanical condition. then make your decision.

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The Accord! That car has the highest resell value and reliability, that is proven in car reports year after year. The good thing to is you can easily find parts for the car now.

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I have a 99 and even though I bought a new car, I can't part! The work I have had done on it was nothing out of the norm and cost the same as any other car. I have yet to get charged something different than the next person.

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Great car and at least you can get back close to the amount you spent on it.

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The other two don't have such a great reputation.

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The 92 Accord definetly!! with only 135k miles it's just getting broken in. With regular maintence you'll never have a problem. A friend had a Dodge Avenger & it was completely falling apart with75k miles. Besides check the N.A.D.A. website & check the values, honda is the ONLY one that holds it's value. Hope this helps&good luck!!!
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