2007 Camry LE or SE?

You think I can get A 2007 CAMRY SE or LE 5spd Manual with a sunroof for under $20,500? And What's the lowest price you think I can get?


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1st of all..
Camry w/ manual is really hard to find.
And if you do find it.i just hope that it's not out of the state.
Now, Camry LE is cheaper than SE. We all know that.
And currently in southern California, I'm selling camry LE for around $18800. If it's w/ sunroof, the price is gonn be bit different. More expensive by more than $1000. Now, you might think...Oh stick shift, gotta be cheaper..but no! guess again. It's about supply and demand. It's tough to find. And i doubt that you will find one. The best choice would be to order it and wait for it for 2 months or so. If that's the case, you might be able to get it. The only difference between SE and LE is just options. If you do require sunroof, in most cases, dealer would offer you SE or if you are lucky, you might be able to find LE w/ Sunroof package.
If it's manual, I think you might need to order it and wait for it. I'm about 99.99% sure. = ) So good luck my friend. = )

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Try researching the price of a Camry at www.edmunds.com. I don't know if they are listing the 2007 prices used yet, but you can definately see what new ones are going for.

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You can look up the 2006 as a comparison. But if the '06s are above $21K, you won't be able to get an '07 at that price.

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here's a link to them on ebay.
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