Are European cars reliable - like Mercedes & BMW?

People are always saying that Hondas and Toyotas are reliable but I think I would prefer a European car. Are they just as reliable, and if I choose to get one, am I making a mistake?


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Mercedes and BMW are great cars. With VW you never know. Some are great some are not so great.

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My husband just recently bought a used bmw and it is in perfect condition. It is definately a luxury car and it runs great. We haven't had any problems...yet...knock on!! I think any car can be a good car as long as the one driving can take care of it.

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The makes you listed are better cars European cars are more expensive to maintain.The parts cost more. I think Toyota is better.I have a '89 ford Ranger it has 215,000 miles on it.still runs great.It has mazda engine and transmission.

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Mercedes and BMW are good, reliable cars and most likely you're not making a mistake. But choose your model carefully, in matters of price, engine and interiors. I would also consider looking at Volkswagen, they have some great cars, for example the Touareg and Golf
take a look at this comparison between a VW Golf and a BMW

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The problem with euro cars is twofold: Australia is a tiny market so we do not get full back up here and, even though they will deny it, i'm sure that we get the cars that whilst still passing inspection ok, didn't pass as highly as the cars they send to USA or keep in Europe. The other problem is that they are fine pieces of machinery, made with great precision, so they do not like being mistreated service wise. If they have not been serviced properly then they are trouble waiting to happen. Japanese cars are generally more forgiving. And cheaper to fix and insure. Generally.

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If buying new and under warranty - who cares, go Euro.

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If buying second hand, only buy from the original owner and with full service history. Many people can afford to buy Euro's second hand, but cannot afford to service them properly, or sometimes insure them, so repairs and maintenance are not done properly. I know people who sold their Alpha as a wreck for $6,000 because the gearbox failed and it was $9,000 for a new one ! The car was only five years old , but they didn't have a spare $9,000. Factor that in to your thinking.
Oh, and check out the replacement cost of a headlight( you may get a shock). If you can't afford one, look elsewhere.

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In my country (Mexico), most of welthy people that choose Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW or Audi, complain because these kind of cars are not designed to resist the condition in mexican roads, so, they better get Lincoln, GMC or Cadillac (sedans, suvs and pick ups) that resist a bit more (maybe they have a better suspension).

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I only buy GM cars, i own a Chevrolet Corsa sedan '06 (an Opel sold in Mexico)

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yes, very reliable.
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