Around how much would a car dealer pay for a 06 or 07 monte carlo?

program car at a private car dealer auction? I know there are not set prices but I am looking for just an estimate of what they may cost them. thank you all in advance.


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take a look at , hope this helps

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try this

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You can go to for new and used car pricing.

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It depends on the mileage and the condition of the car. Click on this link and put the information in. A 2006 LS with no options is in a $8200-$10,000 range.

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I work for the world's largest auction company, and based on transactions that have taken place in the past month, you can figure an average of about 11,000. This is figured on a 06 LS with around 20,000 miles. If the vehicle approaches 30k, you can drop that to about 9500. This is on actual vehicles that have gone through the auction, and should give you a guide to work from. 2007's are doing roughly $2,000 more. Adding options such as moving up to an LT will only add a few hundred. An LTZ model will bring an additional 1000, and the SS model bring it up almost 2,000. Good luck, hope you find what you are looking for.
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