At what time of the year there are the greatest sales on new cars?


86 z28...I am going to buy one for $3000.00, is that a good deal?

right after the new year's models arrive en masse. It seems like a car-commercial cliche, but they apparently really do need to make room for the new models, and that's typically when you see the really big incentives and stuff. That's usually November-January. You'll see the best deals on cars that weren't moving the previous year. Check out the manufacturer's sites, and you'll often see lists of incentives.

Is a 1970 ss chevelle in bad condition with no engine and no transmission worth $5,500?

Also, winter is the best time to buy a convertible.


January and July

I have 3 questions about buying a new car.?

The busiest months for car sales are April & May and October & November.
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