Are range rovers hard to take care of?


I have no logg book for my car, when i bought it i just got a green paper, how do i get the log book?

When purchasing a Range Rover, you may as well buy two, that way you can drive when the other one breaks down.

How do I sell a car that I recently bought if I don't have the title yet?

Totally!!! They have to go in the shop 24/7. We have friends that have one and have had theres in the shop 15 times in 2 years.

How to sell a product that is very hard to sell?

Ranger rovers are not hard to take care of as long as you keep up on the preventative maintenance. Any car can be very expensive to take care of, just keep up with it and it wont jump up and bite your wallet in the end. Hey you could have a Maserati or Lamborghini then just think one oil change would be $400.
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