Aftermarket charge.?

I've received a car invoice with a Aftermarket charge. Does anyone know what it that for?
Thank you.


Auto Financing?

"Aftermarket" charges are for items added to the cost of the car after it leaves the factory. Generally these are dealer installed items such as undercoating. Essentially they are a way for a dealer to go above the MSRP without actually lying, since the dollar amount added to the invoice usually far exceeds the actual cost incurred by the dealer for these "extras". Sometimes you can fight them, depending on the wording of the contract and the laws of your state, but after you take possession of the car it's usually a waste of time and money. This kind of thing is why it is vital to read and understand every word of a purchase contract before signing it-- and don't trust a salesman's explanation of the wording, because the dealership is not bound by a verbal promise.

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Did you buy car mats, a luggage rack, or upgrade the stereo in your car? These are often after market charges.

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Call the dealership for an explanation of the bill.
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