After the auto show ends, where do the cars go? Can the general public buy they?

For example, where do new cars go after the NY auto show, or the Detriot, L.A. or Chicago auto show.


Will I get a new car or not? What do you think?

Except for manufacturer's concept cars, most of the vehicles are returned to the dealers lots. The concept cars are returned to the manufacturer's "dream works" and are usually (but not always) destroyed by crushing or dismantling them. Some "concept" cars were actually not destroyed, most notably some of Harley Earl's Buick concepts in the late 1940's and some Chevrolets from the early and mid '50's and, of course, some Chrysler concept cars of the '60's, most notably the turbine cars. The concept cars are obviously not going to be sold to the general public, but the new model releases are offered and of course, the dealers welcome potential customers.

Second hand Scooty ES?

They go back to the manufacturers. They make the tour of car shows through out the country. They aren't usually sold to the public because they can't be licensed since the model never passed all the governments crash tests and haven't been certified. A lot of them are crushed and destroyed after they outlive their usefulness.

Can somebody tell me where to buy Toyota used cars please?

They typically go on tour, as a show car, then either end up in the manufacturers secret inventory, or they are stripped/destroyed. Sometimes they end up in the hands of upper level execs. This is how some of the older show cars from the '50s and '60s ended up surviving.

I.m looking for a car to buy,?

After the shows are accomplished most of them go to Dealerships to sell ... the cars of the future go back to the plants!
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