Any brand new SUV you can recommend?

my budget would be 25,500 dollars max,im looking at something that has good luggage space,offers decent fuel mileage for everyday travel to work,and has more than adequate power for passing and merging on the interstate as well as lively acceleration.pls help me out


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please check out the '08 Hybrid Escape.
You have to actually drive one to see how special this one is!
It is within your price range, especially when you consider the currant incentives available from Ford, & not to even mention the Fedaral tax incentives.
DO take it for a drive to experience how lively it is.
It is THE most fuel efficiient SUV on the market,,,i...

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Dodge Nitro...go check it out.

Help how much does a car cost?

Honda Pilot, Love mine, very roomy & great gas mileage

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Well...I was going to consider an Equinox for myself...but after riding in one, it felt more like a soccer mom vehicle. So thankfully, I should be able to afford an H3 or Trailblazer in the fall.

How much should this car cost?

Last time I was in the market, I test drove a Honda CRV...I personally didn't like it much at all, but that may be more in your price range, and they have reworked it a little since then.

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Check out the Ford Edge and Ford Freestyle (soon to be replaced by the Taurus X in the summer). If they're too expensive, then look at the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Mitsubishi Outlander. The Pontiac Torrent is also in your price range. But it has a made-in-China V6 (designed by GM). Take that into consideration if you're wary of Chinese manufacturing quality. The new Hyundai Santa Fe is nice.

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I have a 2007 Pontiac Torrent, which is in your price range, and I love it! It handles really well in wind and all types of weather! It's not too bad on gas either because it is a smaller SUV.
I've ridden in the bigger SUV's and they feel too much like a clunky truck. The Torrent handles like a car and is sweet to drive!

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The best thing to do is just test drive the vehicles in your price range.

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Ps..I'm no Soccer mom

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Test the Toyota RAV. They have made it slightly larger and it is one awesome SUV.

First Car Suggestions?

Toyota Rav-4, Honda CR-V, Honda Element, and Toyota Highlander. Highlanders are a bit more pricey new, but a 2-3 year old one should fit within your budget.
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