2007 Toyota Prius - Vehicle Stability Contorl - Recommended?

Looking to purchase a 2007 Toyota Prius and wanted to know whether one recommends the Vehicle Stability Control or what? Why is this feature really helpful?


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Stability control is one of the most significant auto safety innovations of recent times. Unlike airbags and seat belts (but like antilock brakes), it helps keep you safe by avoiding accidents in the first place. I got it on my 2006, and I'm glad I did. It helps prevent loss of control of the car in situations where the wheels are slipping. At some point in the future, this will probably become mandated on all cars, but for now you should mandate it for yourself.

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YES!! It is an essential safety feature that prevents sideways skids and spinouts. It has saved many lives and is highly recommended and worth every cent. I wouldn't buy a car without it.

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i thought that's standard. if not, u'll need it.

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YES. It is a life saver. When your tires are spinning out of control the car puts more weight on it to gain back the control. I have it in my hyundai and it came standard. I tested it out and it really works. it's great

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A skid or spinout in a Prius? Maybe you should also wear a helmet while driving one. I’ll bet that if any there was any group of car owners that would push for a law like that, it would be Prius owners. Seriously, think about that.

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I could totally picture a bunch of Smug Prius owners driving around in their helmets sniffing their own farts believing that they don’t smell.
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