2007 4runner?

Hi...I'm looking at the 07 4runner Limited 4WD. Is 4WD worth the extra cost if i only plan on going to the snowboarding 3 times a year. I'm not sure how it works but will the dealer explain how and when to use 4WD? Or will the 2WD model be okay and save me some money.


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4wd vehicles are worth it, even if your using the 4wd only a few times. and the vehicle and go to crap and if the 4wd still works on it then you can sell it and get at least a grand outta the car regardless the condition.

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2WD will cost a bit less, although 4WD is better in the snow. 4WD trucks are pretty easy to use, nowadays you don't even have to get out and manually lock in the front hubs. Gas miliage will be hit when you use 4WD, but most of the time you'll be driving in 2WD so it won't be a problem.

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Yes! Otherwise you'll have to get tire chains if you live in California, and those are a pain in the butt. It will be part time 4WD. The rest of the time you don't have to worry about using up a lot of gas and use the 2WD. Besides Toyota has some of the best SUV's. I think its worth it in the long run. :)
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