Age to test drive new car?

i am 18 and i am about to go to the car lo9t to check out a new car, i want to tst drive it and every thing but i have like no credit or anything but im not the one buying the car, my dad is gonna go buy it for me after i pick the one, what will i need to do to get to drive one since im not paying for it


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It doesn't matter if you have credit or not. You're only taking out a car for a test drive. All you need is a G licence, you should have no problems taking a car out. They usually take a photo copy of your drivers licence for security reasons. Have fun and test out as many cars as you can, so you can find the one you really want.

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Most lots will let you test drive a car with the salesman in the passenger seat. You are of the correct age and have a valid drivers license, so there should be no problem.

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Go with you dad or other adult relative. Dealers don't typically drop their new cars in the laps of 18 year-olds for test drives.
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depends on what youre driving, how you present yourself, and what youre trying to test drive.

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If you go the the local ferrari dealer in a wife beater, youll just be laughed at. If you go to your local honda dealer, talk like a responsible adult, and dress decently, you should get to test drive what you need.

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I suggest buying a used car though. Many cars are for sale with under 10k miles on them for significantly under the cost youll encounter at a dealer. THeyre essentially brand new, and still carry over the warrenty and everything.

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and if all else fails, bring your dad. Theyll let you test drive it for sure then.

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well u have to get ur drivers liscense first.u have 2 go to driving lessons and schools.then they will think ur doing pretty good so they will offer u your new drivers liscense!by the way..(u should buy a a dodge3S500 the good looking one that has the pointy sharp cover its alot of money though hope ur dad can afford that!

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Never leave your drivers license behind or allow them to photocopy it. Dealers are actually able to pull up a version of your credit report with just your name, add, and license number. This is one of their tricks to see what you would be able to qualify for without you even knowing it. When talking to salesmen, only give them your first name until you are ready to make the deal.

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Dealer permission.
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