Are Acura RSX's a good reliable first car?

I'm looking to buy one but also can't even find one that i want... Black exterior and black interior.. 2000-2004, in between Beaverton, OR and Eugene, OR. Someone selling or know of anyone selling theirs?


Previously Damaged Vehicle?

I own a 2002 RSX-S and its been a great little car..
Very reliable, ive never had to repair something major..
Extremly fun to drive, all the time, 24/7

I am thinking about buying a new car. Is this a smart idea with the way gas prices are going?

If your looking to get the Type-S watch out for the transmission, some have a 2nd gear that grinds (when you try to go from 1st to 2nd.. feels like it doesnt want to go in) - So make sure you test drive it first.

I need to sell my car, but no one will buy it...would you?

2002 was the first year, so if you have the chance, get a 2003 (just to avoid the 'new car' problems... even though there arent many)

Honda CR-V vs Acura RDX?

check out forums.clubrsx for some great information
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