Anyone know about Jeep's reliablilty?

I am thinking about purchasing a used 2005 or 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee (they both have about 25,000 miles) and have a concern. I have heard that they are not very reliable, some of my friends have even said unreliable. However, I have somewhat discredited they're comments because none have never owned a Jeep... but I still wonder.

What car do you reccomend for starters?

Does anyone have any firsthand experience with Jeep Grand Cherokees? How was it? What about the 05/06 models? Also, how would you describe the typical Jeep driver-- do you think that thoe 25,000 miles could have been hell on the car?

Whats better? a 2007 toyota tundra or a 2007 chevy duramax diesel? overall?

One more question. What is "Trail Rated?" One of the Jeeps I looked at was and the other wasn't. They one that was Trail Rated cost a few thousand more, if I buy that one what am I paying for?

Used car return laws?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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first answerer=retard. GM rules, but to get to your Jeep question, they are plenty reliable. The 4.0 inline six engine has been known to get over 300,000 miles on it before it needs rebuilt. I'd def. buy one.

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FORD, Chrysler and GM are all CRAP.

Has anyone heard of DVDdieselcom?can i trust them and buy something from them?

Buy a real car like Toyota or Honda.

Vehicle history report from D.M.V. NEED HELP!?

I have owned several annd I would not purchase another! The 1986 was a tank in the snow and rarely had to use the 4 wheel drive. I own a farm and live in the boonies so I was quite impressed.
The second was what I updated to, a 2001 and it was a total piece of sh!t. The braking system (ABS) was so poorly engineered it was incredible. You could not stop that thing period! I had so many close calls I got rid of it before the inevitable occured! I know how to use ABS brakes as I am a mechanic also. The thing was useless in the snow, always needing 4 wheel drive and better have your wits about you for the unexpected!
My GMC and Suzuki Grand Vitara will both run circles around a jeep any day of the week! I know numerous people who have owned them and have the same consenses!
Something for thought: Why has jeep been sold and manufactured by so many different companies, and why is Chrysler selling out? Speaks for itself! I used to own Dodge trucks when they were reliable also back in the sixties and seventies!
My opinion, make other choices and you won't be disappointed! As far as I'm concerned, the foreign market has it all over us! Toyota has taken over 35% of the market and expected to exceed 40% this year! Maybe the greedy American Corporations will wake up before it's too late??????????...

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I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has 213,000 miles on it! I love it! It still works fabulously. I have never had a problem with it. Its quiet, doesn't suck down oil, and there are no leaks. I got it from my uncle, who bought it new from a dealer. He drove it from Michigan to New Mexico twice a year starting around 1999. Freeway miles are MUCH easier on a car than city miles. I live in Minnesota and the snow here has been quite amazing in the last week. I was able to get out of my gravel driveway on a foot of saturated snow-no problem. I have slid only a couple times in conditions where I probably shouldn't have been driving. I live in a city right on lake superior and the hills are huge- but still have had no problem making it uphill-even with stop lights. I do have it in 4wheel drive all the time, I've never really tried it in a low gear or anything. Overall, I would get another Jeep.

When is the best time to buy a car?

Good Luck!
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