Are Cars Manufactured in Japan versus the US really better?

If a car is built in Japan is it true what what they say that the quality control in Japan is better then US. Meaning that if you buy the same car make and model that was built in Japan versus US. The Japanese built car is the one you should buy. Looking into Toyota's but also other cars too like Mazda, Nissan, etc...

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There is a subtle difference in the way the Japanese work compared to their American counterparts. The all have tremendous pride in their work that is unshakable and regrettably for my money that makes for a better car

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I personally think they are...

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yes. they dont brake at all, their really good at handlin and the are light and agile.if your thinkin bout getting a japenese car i would recommend a honda accord

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yes their cars are built a "little " better...but let one break down...and see how much your replacement parts are...versus es American made.good not believe a parts store on a new head for a Honda...and a Chevy caviler...good luck

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Yes they absolutely are.

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Boy I REALLY hate to say this, and it's opinion, but I say yes. Honda's typically, with regular maintenance,see high 100k before even starting to tire. (check the blue book!) The fit and finish seems to hold up better too. I've owned both and do think that American autos (comparing cars in the similar price range ) just aren't quite as well put together.One of my cars now is a Mitsubishi Endeavor and I think it's just great. I will concede though that American auto makers have closed the gap significantly in the last few years. A good indicator of customer satisfaction is resale value. Try going to and checking resalevalues for 5 year old cars. I can't answer specifically for co-made cars like Dodge/Mitsubishi.

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Japanese just take more pride in their job than fat lazy Americans.

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But Honda Accord built in America is almost as good as built in Japan because the Japanese still are in charge of quality control so they are more apt at finding quality issues.
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