What would you choose? as a new car?

vauxhall tigra, peugout 206/207 cc, vauhall astra cc, renault megane, ford focus cc, or any other simular car in this range?


Why should you buy a new car on a Wednesday?

Would the scion fall under this category? If so my friend got it and he loves it, my dad took a look at the engine and it is made by same people of Toyota. You know that lasts forever.

Which is a better suv 07 honda crv vs 07 nissan murano?

The best fuel mileage no matter what it looked like, or how ugly it was.

What is the best car for driver's side headroom, legroom,economy, and performance?

peugout 206/207

My wife always liked convertibles, I want to get a used one for our anniversary, any suggestions?

we just got a 2007 Ford Focus. My dad worked for Ford for 50 years, so I'm pretty loyal. And I've never had a Ford cause me any trouble.

Site showing lowest local petrol prices?

here's a link to them on ebay.
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