Are cars from auctions cheaper than from the car dealers?


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They can be alot cheaper. And alot riskier. You don't get warranties at auctions, and the cars are sold as is.

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sold to the jerk in the red pants

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yes but cars at the auction are not inspected , you take a chance at the auction, but if you do take a mechanic with you .please

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Well, that all depends on how high the bid goes. If you bid higher than the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), then it most likely isn't cheaper than going to a dealer. However, if you stay below the MSRP, then you will most likely save some cash.

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yes, because they are sold as is no warranty etc

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Yes, normally they are, but demand also has a influence.
Popular cars get bought up by dealers and you are lucky if you get one that is in good nick.
Often you will pay more for a car you bought at the auction in the long run to sort out all the problems that the dealers and private buyers have identified and don't buy, particularly if you are not sharp when it comes to buying 'as is' cars. ( no guarantee or warrantee )
One example is cars that have been in heavy collisions and were not repaired proffesionally.Car makes that are not popular and do not have good resale value can be bought at reaonable prices , sometimes very cheap.These may be in excellent condition.

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In most cases the dealer will keep the nice clean cars taken in on trade ins, the rest are auctioned off, that is not to say you cant find a good car at an auction its just that you have to be more cautious.

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yes alot

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They are - its called wholesale price. But most auctions are only open to dealers - not the general public and it is hard to get into one if you are not a dealer. The dealer buys them with no warranty - goes over them in the shop - fixes problems (not all do) and then mark them up for a profit to sell to the public.

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There are two types of auctions...

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Public auction: Open to everyone.
Dealer only auction: Open only to dealers.

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Public auctions are a RIPOFF. There are too many morons bidding so high that there are no deals. The auctioneers also plant fake bidders to jack up the prices. These crooks also only sells KBB Retail books. So moron bidders sees a car with a retail of $10,000 and they bid up to $9500 thinking they got $500 discount. But they could've bought it elsewhere for $7000. That's how stupid these bidders are. AVOID PUBLIC AUCTIONS AT ALL COST!!!!!!

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If you can find a used car dealer who can take you to dealer only auction for a fee, go there. They can buy cars at steep discounts because they use pricing guidelines known as Black Book which lists lower prices than KBB Trade-in. It's not unusual to buy late model cars for 20% of their value and jack up the prices 200-500%.

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Yeah offcourse , you can find cars in auction at
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