98 Ford Contour -- should I go for it?

I've heard a lot of bad things about Fords (like Fix Or Repair Daily or Found on Road Dead), but looking on AutoTrader, I found a 1998 Ford Contour SE that has a lot of the things I want.

What Car Should I Buy?

It's in my price range, good mileage, fair condition (it's from a sort of dealership and certified), has a shoulder-lap seatbelt for the middle seat and since my sister's kids ride with me a lot, this is good. Moonroof, etc.

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And it's in my price range. As in, I can pay for the whole thing up front.
I haven't test drove it yet, and that would be the determining factor, but should I go investigate it further or steer clear? I have my family's safety to concider and I also have to, absolutely HAVE TO have a dependable car, because so many people depend on me.

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So, should I go for it?


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My wife has the 99 Contour. It's been a reliable, if boring car. The engine provides a decent amount of pep for a car this size.

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We've only had 1 repair made to it. The fuel pump died. That was my fault because I ran the car out of gas. When the gas tank says empty, it means empty. What a shock! In my Buick empty means about 2 or 3 gallons left.

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i'm in a family of 4, we had a 1998 contour SE, auto.. power everything and cruise, we bought it for $6000 canadian with 95000 kms on it, a few years ago.. after 130000 kms it still ran excellent until it ended up on its roof.
being the youngest in my family and learning to drive in it, it was the safest most comfortable car i've driven, and my family agrees they are a very nice car. it rides well, if your in a hurry it will definately get you there. i would buy another one tomorrow if the opportunity came.
the only downfall i found was there is a lot of sensors on them, usually in the 100000 km range you'll have to replace a few.. a couple hundred bucks and your all set.. we put o2 sensors and a throttle sensor and a few other small things, but we also lived on a terribly rough road.
make sure you get at least a 1-3 month warranty and by then you'll know if theres any problems.
i say go for it :D

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i've heard good and bad about the contour i've heard more good then bad i would go for it cause there pretty sporty ad i like that there just really good for the money i think but some people dont like them but id say go for it

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These cars had a reputation of being a Monday or Friday car. You know what I'm saying here. On Monday they did the best job possible putting it together and there is nothing ever wrong with it. Friday they just through it together as fast as possible so they can get the weekend started. It's a catch 22 with these cars and you never know what you’re going to get. It’s possible you could by this car and it will run forever no problems. Or your can buy it and have to put 100 bucks a week in to it. My thought with a car this old (It's almost 10 years old now) is why did they sell it? There was something the prior owner found out about this car and that’s why they sold it. Now if it's a good dealership they may have corrected what ever was wrong with it. Find out what kind of warranty they are willing to offer on the car. You never mentioned how many miles are on it. The other tell tail sign as to rather or not it is a good car is to look around your area as you drive and see how many are still on the road. I would say I see one maybe once every 3 weeks. When I am in wrecking yards I see thousands. I know ford did not hold the contour line for very long. It was replaced quickly. Ford holds on to the lines that work out best for them. I have rambled on. I hope I have helped you with some good information.
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