Are you able to have more than 2 auto loans at the same time?


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Sure, you can have as many as you can afford to pay. There's no law that says you only are allowed to borrow "x" amount of dollars, unless your salary is less than that unknown "x". If you can finance more than one car at a time, go for it; perhaps the lender would even offer you lower rates if you bought more than one car from the same dealership.

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Think, for example, of taxi companies and limousine fleets. Do you think they pay cash for every vehicle they own? Of course not..they apply for multiple-vehicle loans, and are usually granted (unless there is a substantial risk the loan will not be repaid).

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My husband has 2 right now.

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If you are approved, you can have more than 2 auto loans

To continue to save or get a new car?

Yes, as long as you have the credit and income to support it. My family had 4 cars, all w/ loans when I was in high school. (one for each person. but they were all in my mother's name.)

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yes, depending on your credit as long as it is for 2 different vehicles.
I have loans on 6 different vehicles right now for my business and 2 more for personal.

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2 loans on 1 car or 1 loan each on two cars? If the 2 loans are secured by one car it is highly unlikely. Who gets possesion of the car when you default on the loan? (Not that you're going to)

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sure if you got good job and can pay for more than 2cars.
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