Anyone selling cars in nyc?


How much do you think? Crdit score 600. Monthly income $4,800 how much will my car note be for 30,000 vehicle?

No, nobody is selling cars in NYC. It's a new law: cars are not to be sold in NYC.

I have a question about financing my car I bought from a dealer.?


I love diaper?

lots of people I'm sure.

I do a Motor paper route every night for 4 hours. I start & stop over 500 times a day. I need a tough car!?

im sellin a Cadillac

Tinking of buying a Jaguar XJS 5.3 Cabriolet as weekend car any one got any points to look out for and?

I have a list good websites offering cheap used cars. They are all reputed delers and also arrange some auction for used cars.
You can comapire rates between them cause its a big list.
In this way you save money also.

Is 2000 dollars alot of money for taxes title and tag fees when buying a car plus a 200 dollar freight charge?

Send me a mail at with subjet- Used Cars. I will send a link of best website where you can find good offers, tips and resources.

Best wishes
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