How much money does a car salesperson make by selling a 24 thousand dollar auto?,curious!?


Why do car dealers ask you right off if your buying with cash or credit before you even find a car?

Commission is paid on the profit in the vehicle. On a new car $100 to $500 is typical for that price range. On a used car the salesman will probably make $500 to $1000.

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Depends on the trade-in. New cars have thin margins, but trades are typically 100%. Other factors have to do with your downpayment and the rate you have to pay for the loan. If the dealer finances the $24,000 car at a high rate (as opposed to your paying cash), the profit goes from about $500-$1000 up to maybe $5000, provided you keep up your payments.

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The dealer lures you in with new cars, but he's really after the used-car market.

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I would think it varies from dealer to dealer.

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Probably the more the salesman comes down on the price the less he/she gets in commission.

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Just guessing. Pops

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If it's a new car with an MSRP of 24k, max markup is prob 1500. So take the dealerships cut, and that leaves about 1k gross, a salesperson typically makes around 20% of the gross, so that's 200.00. And that's only if he sells it at MSRP, most cars in that price range are sold closer to invoice, which typically leave the salesman with a flat which would be anywhere between 50-150, depending on the dealership.

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If it's a used car, skies the limit. salesman will still get 20% of the gross, but you never know what the dealership actually paid for the car. average though, if it sold for 24000, they salesman should come away with 400.
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