Can i sell my car even if im not done paying for it?

Can i sell a car even if im not done paying for it?


How much is a 1938 Pontiac Sedan, 6cyl. worth if it is mostly original, running and clean?

Yes as long as you have enough money to pay off the loan or the sale price of the car is higher than the balance of payments (i.e. you have equity). Make sure that the lender isn't going to penalize you for paying the loan off early.

how to be a top salesman?


change my mind of buying a new car. Do I need pay cancellation fee?

you can sell anything you want as long as you can handle the consequences

can you reposess a car for late payments?

Sure you can. But you must have a pay-off clause in the contract. You see, if you haven't paid it off, then you do not have the title. The buyer must have a title available. You cannot sell a vehicle without a title. So the vehicle must be paid off.

Should i buy a aveo?

Yes, as long as you clearly disclose the fact that there's still a lien on your car.

Does Carmax EVER negotiate prices?

Yes, but your loan needs to be paid off with the proceeds of the sale or the loan transferred to the new owner.

Do you know any car rush for sale?

You can... but it will be difficult because you will need to inform the buyer of it and whatever company you did borrow the money from.

HELP! If I change my mind can I terminate a financed vehicle contract with in 24 hours?

You will need to go to that company with the buyer in order to pay them what you owe them before finalising the purchase contract with the buyer.

What are the drawbacks of taking over somone else's car payments?

In Australia... a buyer can run a check on a car and find out if the car has been paid for.

i sold a car with a reconstructed title, now they want to returned , can they do something legally ?

you can sell it you wil however need to to pay the loan off to get the lien reliese

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