1969 mustang coupe??

i have a bit of a problem. my mom use to have a 69 mustang when i was younger i loved the car so much but then she sold it. i now know where the guy that bought it from her lives but im not shure if he wants to sell it , i would buy it no question if it was for sell , but how do i ask him? should i tell him it use to be my moms? do you think it would be offensive if i just walked up to his door and asked him? i have never met the guy. what do you think the price range of a 1969 coupe mustang could be going for?


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Don't be shy and knock on this guys door. Feel free to tell him your story too. I'd be prepared to spend quite a bit though. Late 60's Mustangs are collectable, even the coupe variety.
I've purchased quite a few vehicles by just seeing them at someones house. You never know what the reaction will be, but most people don't mind someone asking. Just don't be a persistant pest about it. If he isn't interested in selling it now ask him if it's ok if you leave your name and number. If you don't give it a shot you'll always be asking yourself "What if...."

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Just ask him if he would be willing to sell it. Don't tell him about the sentimental value the car has for you because all he will see is dollar signs. Value depends on condition, whether it has a desirable drive train etc.

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I used to have a 67 mustang coupe and people used to put notes on my windshield saying that they liked my car and if I wanted to sell it to give them a call. As far as price goes, since I dont know that condition of it or engine size or if it has any special packages (i.e boss) the price could range from $2000 to well above $50K

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People who own classic cars are used to people asking them to sell it. There's nothing wrong with stating that it used to be your Mother's and you would consider buying it if it was for sale. Chances are, it's not though.
A 69 coupe? Anywhere from $3000 to $25,000 depending on it's condition, options, and originality.
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