Advice needed, I have a problem. I have bought a car. and I have gotten the reciept from the people that had?

sold me the car, the bill of sale says sold as is. Something is wrong with the car, Is there any way I can get my money back from these people?? What can I do?


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if the seller misrepresented the car you might have action, but AS IS means AS IS. sorry.

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As is means just that. If you live in California the seller is responsible for SMOG so if that's the problem you may get your money back. Other wise call and ask if they will give you money back, some people will, some will not. Legal wise the do not have to however.

Is this a good car ?

There are two ways to do this, first is to exercise the "3-day" cancellation clause (federal law supported), and second is to determine if the sellers misrepresented the vehicle. If the three days has passed, then the second option is the most viable. Otherwise, there are no further avenues of recourse.

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No. Sold as is, nothing else. I have it on some of my receipts.
Is something is wrong with the car? Why did you buy it then? Didn't notice anything wrong? Fine. It is not a new vehicle with a warranty, so it is commonplace these days to write it down so you don't come back trying to get things fixed and them paying for it. The sale is done and is final. It was good for them. Chances are, maybe, they didn't keep up with the suggested replacement of certain parts, such as timing belts or other - hasn't broken yet so they made it.
The thing is, if the car seems to run okay, then it probably still is. BUT you need to do the maintenance so you have a "0 mileage" starting point.
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