Any suggestions for a good used car?

We are looking for a used car. We would like something roomy, with a 3.3L 6 cylinder or larger. We are going to be piling on the mileage and we plan to drive it til it's done, so we want something that is reliable and will last. We were hoping to find an older model (1998-2002) with about 100 000km on it for $5000 to $9000 dollars (Canadian). Any suggestions?


Is there a website I can sell a vehicle on for free?

sedan-camry or taurus

What do you think my dad's car is worth?

Make sure it goes!

Like a idiot I let a friend buy a car from me.?

I have a list good websites offering cheap used cars. They are all reputed delers and also arrange some auction for used cars.
You can comapire rates between them cause its a big list.
In this way you save money also.

Car Recommendation? Safety, fuel efficiency for under $22K? (details)?

Send me a mail at with subjet- Used Cars. I will send a link of best website where you can find good offers, tips and resources.

Best wishes

What is the best kind of truck to buy?

You can find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at
Hope this helps
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