2000 Benz S430 for college student?

I am thinking about buying a 2000 Benz S430. What is the typical price range? Will insurance be high for a 22 years old guy? Any advice? Thanks!


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Why the fuckk the 3 four letters of my name is in your question ?

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Your insurance will be sky high until you either get married or turn 25. Sorry, don't know about the rest.

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Too expensive. Stick with a low priced economy car that will be easily maintained...College costs enough without having to worry about car expenses. Yes, a teen is very costly when insuring.High risk.

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You're looking at around $22,765 - 28,565. Insurance won't be too high, however you are a male under 25 years old which will increase your premium.

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Wait till you hit 25, insurance rates will drop dramatically. In the mean time save that cash toward either retirement or a better car for when you do hit 25. Do the second one and you'll avoid paying tons of intrest on an auto loan

Which would be the best option?

Reiche Leute sind Schweine.

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This is not a great idea:

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-insurance will be very expensive
-this is a powerful car that you will drive fast
--tickets/accidents - even higher insurance
-very expensive to fix
--not very reliable
--lots of electronic gizmos that break
-Mercedes quality not what it used to be
-premium gas and poor mpg

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You will not get an insurance break until you are 25, and this car has a very high insurance cost. An entry level luxury car would be a better idea for now. In truth, at your age and in your financial situation, the less you spend the better.

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Lexus IS300
Lexus GS300
Infiniti I35
Infiniti G35
Acura TL
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