Are there places that you can go for a car loan on a used private party car?

I want to purchase a used car from a niehghbor, but my bank will only give me a car loan for a car newer than 2001.


Anyone have good tips on how to find a really good car for cheap?

That is a very good question. You may actually have to resort to an Equity Loan against your home if you have equity available on it. In the end, it may actually be a better thing if you do this.. you can name your own Length of Loan and your payments can be outrageously low.

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Good Luck!

What are people paying for a 2007 Altima 2.5S with SL package?


I need a 6+ passenger vehicle. Any suggestions?

Banks, credit unions, finance companies. Shop around for interest rates. Your bank may give you a loan based on other assets like your home, or even on a signature loan but with an unsecured loan the interest rate will be higher.
Finally, you may work out a deal with the seller to carry the note with interest.

I am a college kid with bad credit trying to get approved for a car loan any suggestion?

Try your local Credit Union

Has anyone been scammed w/ fake travelers/cashiers checks on craigslist, when trying to sell something?

Try a credit union. Their rules are more flexible in most cases.

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there are:

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First Car???

They loan for everything and anything.
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