Affording an CAr...?

Hey guys... just curious... If my monthly gross is abt Approx.. 1.8K... Am I able to Afford an Sec Hand Car Like 11K... By Monthly installment payment..? possible? And what are the other charges Must I seek For?


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the answer is yes, and make sure you go into a dealership and take your time shopping for a vehicle. Find the right price, find the right make, make sure its all ok. I would suggest saving for a few months and paying cash for your vehicle (best way to get a car with lowest price possible, Free and Clear)..WWW.CARS.COM

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You may afford, but I do the math, you see for yourselves. 1.8K gross, after CPF will be S$1440 per month. A 2nd hand car of S$11k, probably will be a COE car which left 4.5 years COE. Assume you are taking 100% loan with interest of 4.25% per annum by 4 years.
1. Your monthly instalment is app.: S$270;
2. Petrol per month is about S$300;
3. HDB season parking is about S$65 - S$95
4. ERP and other parking fee per month is about S$50.
So monthly is estimate about S$720. Deduce from your disposable income, you left about S$720 per month.

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Don't forget you still need to cater for car maintenance, road tax and insurance.
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