'90 chevy corisca blown head gasket should i sell it for 100 or repair it for 500 or more ?

also, do i have to look forwrad to more repairs after i fix it


Is 5 owners for a car a lot for a 10 year old sports car?

Might be time to put the old girl to rest. The Corsica's and Baretta's were not know for being all that reliable. If you fix it, she will still nickle and dime you to death. Next it will be the alternator, and then the transmission will fall out. Frankly any miles over 100k on these cars puts you on borrowed time. Take the $500 or so you would have spent on this and get an older Corolla or Civic.

Why used cars come with only one key?

Where are you going to get 100 for that? Depends how long you drove it w. a broken gasket (after it got how hot for how long) and if the head and/or everything else is warped

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A 17 yr. old car is always going to nickel and dime you. What kind of shape is the body in? If it looks good and rides good mechanical things are always fixable.
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