Anyone selling a Mini Cooper in Northern Ireland?

Looking to buy a Used Mini Cooper or Mini One for around 3K
Anyone in Northern Ireland/South selling one or know were I could get one for that price
less than 65k miles plz


Are these repossessed cars worth buying?

I've had 2 Mini Coopers up to now - both from new - so I'm very lucky. In all the years I've been buying new cars, I've never had one hold its value like a Mini. Cant see you'll be getting one for around that price, but if you get something suitable, I'm sure you'll be delighted with it. They are of an excellent build quality and very economic to run. Good luck and happy motoring.

I have a 5 year lease on a Scion Xa with 42 months left. I pay $323 a month. How can I get out of this lease?

No chance.

Thinking about buying an 03 plate saab 93 help please?

High demand, expect to pay at least £5k.
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