Are prices negotiable for buying a new vehicle? (ford dealership)?


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I'm thinking of buying a new car and i was wondering wheather one can negotiate a new car's price??

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Do i have to pay MSRP?

How safe is it to buy cars off ebay (not getting riped off)?

Thanks in advance


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definately negotiate. go to different dealers that sell fords and get them to fight for a lower price. good luck. You do not and should not pay MSRP. ford is looking for sales

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Yes. Do your homework and find out what the dealer invoice price is on the vehicle you want, then offer no more than $200 more than that. If they say no, walk...

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You can negotiate.
Never pay MSRP

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SURE you can negotiate a new car but most of the time they try and screw ya one way or the other.. If you have great credit that will help ya, try and not put nothing down as well they love to do that to ya..

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Yes, it is negotiable. Go to, click on new vehicles, and get the price/dealer cost for the vehicle you want. This will at least give you a starting point.

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No you don't have to pay the sticker price.

How do you sell a car you bought on finance?

go to

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They have a service (you have to pay about $35 - $50), that gives you the exact price the dealer paid for the car. You should negotiate UP from THAT price, not down from their price.

Is it illegal to move out of state while making payments on a car?

The website also tells you exactly how to do the negotiations.

What are good maker/models?

You'll save $100s, even $1000s for some models.

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It works. I've done it.

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It's a game you have to be skilled at playing in the dealership. You tell them how much you want to pay they say oh, I don't think we can do that for you let me go check with my boss. (at that point they go out for a 15-20 minute smoke break). They then come back to the room and make a offer they pull from their butt, you say no this is want I can pay, they go for another smoke break, then they come in with one more offer, If it's not your offer tell them one more time what you are going to pay if they can't do that then you tell them to have a nice day and walk out of their office. At that point they come running after you and you get your car for your price.

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You should never pay MSRP...go to a website such as Kelly Blue Book (link below)...they will give you hints on how to negotiate. Also, they can tell you what the dealer pays for the car (dealer cost - you should only pay ~ 5% more than that (max) if it is a Ford...also, note that just for selling a car, usually Ford (the manufacturer) gives the dealer a kick-back (usually ~ 3%). In any event, they will want you to pay MSRP, but you never should pay that much.good luck...

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Most people negotiate the price of the car. Deaers usually respect a fair offer (200-500) over invoice. Be persistent in your negotiations an ALWAYS be ready to walk away if the pricing doesn't seem fair OR you don't trust your salesman!

Sale by owner - test drives?

You very seldom have to pay the MSRP, only when there is a very high demand for an unique vehicle.
Go to
and they can provide you information about what the car costs the dealer and how much the options are. Once ou have this information, you can negotiate a fair price with the dealer. Remember to be fair though because they need to make a living too.

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Negotiate the best price you can. If they will not go to what you are willing to pay walk out. There are hundreds of ford dealers.
Also beware. Just because you got a good price doesn't mean you won't get stiffed elsewhere.
Things to watch for.
Low trade in value Check the value of your car before you go.
Make sure the extended waranty is good and is one offered by ford not by a third party. I fell for this one.
The old made a mistake on the contract ploy. Payment should be $379 instead of $359. If they do this just tear up the contract and walk out. It might not seem like much but if you finance for 60 months it is $1200. They have a million tricks good luck.

Any advice how to sell a used car ?

Everything at a car dealer is negotiable but it is a major fight. Be sure to go there well rested and well fed so you are prepared to spend hours putting up with their tactics. Do not believe anything they tell you about giving you a never to be repeated deal such as and end of month blowout or something. Do not give them any deposit until the monthy payment is confirmed, otherwise when you come back to pick it up they will tell you your credit score was too low to give you the price they quoted earlier and you will be too fed up with negotiating at that point to do anything other than agree to the higher price. I'd make good use of the internet to get price quotes on cars you're interested in and don't be afraid to walk out. Good luck.

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Everything is negotiable :)

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Good negotiating can get you closer to invoice price than MSRP.

Car buying?

Don't be afraid to walk away. Car salesmen are paid in commission and they only get so many good leads per day.
Shopping near the end of the month (sales goals to meet) or on days with bad weather (fewer customers) may help your chances too.

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Based on all the answers you have recieved I would advise you to buy a used vehicle so you will not have to ... #1 : Put up with the dealership games that they have perfected to shaft you... #2 : Prevent you from overpaying because that "New" Ford will be used the second the tires leave the lot and worth half of what you just gave them...#3 : Help prevent more of those car ad's on TV every 30 seconds because you didnt help fund them. You are welcome :)

If you buy a used car and finance it, can you later sell it before its payed off?

it doesnt hurt to try, shop around you might find the exact same vehicle somewhere else foe even less that you were thinking. If you aren't happy with the price, keep looking
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