1998 Ford Explorer as family car?

I was going to purchase one of these because I need more space for my 9 month old daughter.
I was going to get a car but the pice on these isnt too bad.
Anyone have any opinion on these trucks?
I was looking at either a 1998 or 99.
I was also looking at the Gran Cherokee, but they put the spare tire in the trunk which cancels out the space benefit.
I appreciate all comments.

Can some run a Carfax for me?



Is the mazda cx9 a good suv?

We had a Ford Explorer and I miss it. IT was GREAT! Room for everyone and cup holders everywhere which will come in handy went your child gets older. We never had any problems out of it. We put 185,000 miles on it and it still ran great.

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You can pick one of those up at a good price since it's a vehicle that people are moving away from because of gas prices.

What do you think about rivals?

I would recommend the 5.0L V8, over the 4.0L. Not because of reliability, but the fuel economy will be almost the same. The 4.0L V6, needs to try that much harder to extract power to move the vehicle, so the V8 does it with less drama.

Anyone used Costco Auto Buying program before?

Overall the insurance is cheap and it's a durable vehicle.

What tips can you give me about buying a cheap (around $3000-$4000) used car?

Hope this helps :)

Who thinks Saab 9-3 Sports sedan is worth buying?

I sold mine for a 83 Mercedes diesel.I could not trust my Ford.

How do i get a motor vehicle breaker licence?

It's a great truck for the family. I have a 97 and it show me no problems. Explorers r the best made from Ford. Go with it man. u love it.

How much $ can I get out of a 1999 Chevy Malibu with the engine not working?

I have a 96 explorer with the 5.0 V8 I drive every day, buy my 2005 Traiblazer and I will give you the explorer for 1.00$ you can see on autotrader.com ad #11143584
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