2004 Dodge Ram 1500 or a Lincoln Ls?

Which vehicle should i buy? The Dodge i wanna buy is from my friend n he's selling it for $18,000. The back has been lowered i think 2 inches n it sits on 22's. Its been tinted n in excellent shape. Bed cover and everything. But i also love Lincoln Ls's. I jus dont know what to get lol. So can anyone help out?


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You should get the Dodge. Lowered and on 22's sounds good.

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The transmissions in Dodge vehicles are exremely unreliable. The fact the your friend has altered the suspension has now voided the warranty on anything that fails as a result. LS is a good car and much better on gas. And it will hold more of it's resale value.

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The Lincoln LS.

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LINCOLN Ls dodge is crap

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Here's a link on ebay motors where you can find them in your home town.
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