Are mercedes benz S classes post 2000 reliable?

I'd like an S430 also do you think they are easy and not that expensive to maintain?

Can anyone please carfax 1G6DC67A650121636 for me?

Or should I just go with a Range ROver?


What type of exhaust would be recommended for a 1993 Honda Accord LX 4dr?

both of your choices are quite spendy on the up-keep. my friend has a 1993 s500. it is a beautiful car. he has had a couple of things go out on it that were just outrageous to fix. the transmission was $3,000. a fan motor was between $1500-$2,000. the car runs like a dream and is total luxury though. he drives it out of town often. range rovers are pricy in maintenance also. the key is to get one that has a well-documented history of maintenance. this means oil change receipts, timely tune-ups, brake jobs, overall condition of interior and paint, etc. if it was serviced at the same place over a period of time or if it was done here and there. all of these things are crucial in making the right purchase. don't jump at the first one you see. do your homework.

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What Year Range? I would definetly go with the S over the Range. British cars are crappy. But Benzes are not a walk in the park in reliablity.
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