98 chevy cavalier 2.2l with 175,000 miles , or 96 pontaic sunfire gt 2.4l with 159,000mi?

both cars are the same price and very reasonably priced. both cars are in very good condition.


Does anybody know of any garages/organisations that can check your car and if ok clear it from the hpi reg?

They're both about ready for the crusher, so I don't guess it makes much difference one way or the other. Just flip a coin.

Where could i find cheap rims and tires For a ...??

I would personally go with the bigger engine and lower milage, but you should do some research on edmunds.com to see if there are any complaints about the two vehicles.

What type of car model could you get under $2,000?

if it were me i wouldn't buy. but if i had no choice i would choose the low mileage.

Buying a used car.?

Honestly, I'd rather peddle a bike. They both sound like lemons. Way too much mileage.

Is it worth it to refinance once a lease is up?

Option #3 - walk.

Honda Accord '07?

thats alot of miles. i would say sunfire just because i have a friend who has never has any problems w/ hers

How much is a fully restored 1976 Trans Am (50th anniversary edition) 455, 4 speed worth?

Neither one. GM products are reliable up to about 60,000 miles. After that, they can't be relied on to keep running without major repairs. Check out a consumers car site that will show reliability comparisons. I think you'll be disappointed in both the Chevy and the Pontiac.

How do I get a copy of my car's title?

Both cars are twins. Both are made by GM and use the same chasis and platform, body styles are different. Spend a little bit of money to have a mechanic check both cars out then make a decision.

Where is my new car?

get the cavalier. it will run forever. i have a 94 140000 miles on it. never dies

What do i need when buying a second hand car?

what color are they? since they are both the same car. and both are very high mileage. pick the one that has the better paint color. LOL.

What do you thinkof the honda pilot is it a good buy? is it fuel efficient for its class?

neither one unless it is free.. but if you must, then the cavalier. definitely NOT the sunfire.
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