1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, 161,000 miles, $1950. Should I buy?

It has transmission rebuilt at 130,000 miles. Looks and runs good. Is it worth buying a Pontiac with this much mileage?
Transmission rebuilt is good?


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its not worth it believe me. my gf has a 98 pontiac grand prix se and if its the 3.1 engine plan on changing the lower intake manifold about every 60,000 miles and she has nothing but problems and its only got 85,000 on it. over the past couple months cost her over 2000 on car repairs. she now wishes she would of listened to me and bought a toyota. lower intake manifold costs over 600.00 each time

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Stay away from rebuilt transmissions, try to stick with original parts -- and the mileage isn't even that good, I would understand if it was GOOD but that's terrible. Be careful

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If it has a trailer hitch it's worth $1200. If not maybe $1800.

Is this legal?

Transmission is good. What about the motor with that many miles.
I don't think it's worth it.

My car is one mouth behind.and the bank is going to repo it .can they take my husbands check?

I think it's a little high. I'd look for a car with about 100K to 120K miles.


Rebuilt tranny is fine, as it's less likely to break than the original. It's one less thing to worry about.
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