Are used car salesman the scum of the universe?

I am partially sighted so obviously I can't drive.

Car Trade and Loan In Question?

I often here stories that the worst people on the planet are used car salesman. Is there any truth in this?


Can I refuse to take the car?

They're neck and neck with lawyers and insurance agents -oh yeah, and auto mechanics.XeA

Currently have a vehicle that is 1 year old Should I trade it for a lease?

Definitely - they'd try to sell anything to anybody, as long as they make money.

What is the best used car i can get for around $2,300?

They are born liars!!! It's a requisite in the job description

Anyone know what the price of a ford mondeo "zetec" 51 reg should be. I am in the u.k.?

no!! actually im a really nice and fun person!

Do you know anyone that wreck their car and they use all their savings just to buy it?

Nearly as bad as estate agents !

How to sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title?

Well yeah there up there, with Estate Agents, Polititians, Traffic Wardens. Come to think of it most sales people are a similar breed.

The car dealership abandoned a vehicle on my property what do i do?

Only the salesmen that try to sell you a Ford.

What car do you recommend I buy?

we're bussiness men and women, no different to insurance salesmen and double glazing guys... its you lot, the punters who are gullible... you can just walk away you know, we dont nail you to the chair..and YOU walked into the lot... i didnt drag you in off the street. did I?

Anyone know about Jeep's reliablilty?

you as a potential buyer should know what you want before you sit down... or believe me, this Hummer... low mileage... one careful owner... well sir, would you like to try it for size?

Thinking of buying a ford ikon flair - hyderabad?

ive got one leg, one working arm.. what has your disbility got to do with anything? you could see well enough to check out my secretary...

Is $28,350 a good price for a new 2007 Lexus IS 250?

and yes, theres lots of real dodgy characters, but we have them in all walks of life... tony blair has been selling this country stuff it doesnt need or want.. and hes been doing it for years... and we applaud him for it...

I am considering to buy a Jeep Patriot 2007 - is there a better affordable alternative - SUV category?

People on are the worst.

Does anybody know of any cheap car that is in the Greer or Spartanburg area?


Does any one whant to buy a 1978 old's cutlless?

No, private hire taxi drivers are!!

Which Luxury car ?

They are a world apart from the black cab drivers in the big cities!

Gas prices?

Grrrrr, don't get me going!

Hi, I've bought a car from a dealer with 82k mileage, but after I got my hands on MOT?

They can be. They tend to sell mostly lemons for a high price and don't list or tell you all the defects of the car. But my dad and older brother taught me well in this area. They taught me how to play their little game. I bought a car last fall from a used car lot. I shopped around for a month to 5 lots. I had a full list of questions that my dad wanted me to ask and I wrote down all their answers. I went back to 3 lots twice and then to 2 lots 3 times then finally decided on one lot and talked the saleman down $1200. And he let me drive it to CarX to have a mechanic to look at it and he filled up the gas tank for me. The is great and my parents are proud of me. So am I. I'm learning how to talk to salespeople in all situations, rummage sales, CarX for oil changes, thrift stores. It's all a game.

Who wants to sell their Monte Carlo SS?

Yes, I went to car dealership and just drove over to this little used honda with my boyfriend to take a look. I got out and looked at the paper on the window. I spent about 3 minutes looking at a few more. About 3 seconds later, I could feel I was being closed in on. And sure enough, here came one car saleman that had obviously just beat out his friend who looked very mad. It was a little funny. He didn't even have a chance to say hi... (I was in no respect going to buy a car I was just window shopping)

When selling your car is it safe to let someone test drive it because of insurance reasons? I do have?

I looked at him with wide eyes, sprinted back to my car and and my boyfriend and i locked the doors and drove while laughing histerically. I'm not even kidding, there were 5 car salemen sprinting after our car with ties flying over their shoulders and finally as we were out of reach, one flung his arms up as if saying, "What the hell? Why did you come here if you don't wanna buy a car?" We were laughing for like another hour. It was such a weird experience.

Reliable car yes or no?

Another time, we were at a Kia dealer. We were looking at cars, again, just window shopping. This car saleman storms us and I quickly tell him that I'm not planning to buy but that if I do, I'll be buying in cash (which is a complete lie). He said, "Oh, a person is very lucky to say that, but woudn't you want to pay a little and then finance the rest? It will surely build your credit!" I told him I wasn't interested and that I was looking and we would be fine. He said "Well if you'd like to step into my office we could discuss some options on getting you into a car today!" I said I'm sorry, but no thanks. I told him literally to "Go away" like 5 times before finally I decided to give in. I snickered at my boyfriend because I was just going to play with this guys head. The first thing when I got into his office he asked me for my social. I said, "Excuse me? I'm not going to give you that. My credit won't matter since I'll be paying in cash if I decide to actually BUY one in the future". He asked me who in my family had a good credit history. I told him, well my mom has perfect credit. He went on to talk about how most people just get a kia to up their credit score and then sell in in a few months (which was very desperate). He finally got to the point of asking me about 10 times for my mothers contact information saying "We can decide on the payment plan and all you'll have to do is pick the color!" He left for about 5 minutes to talk to his manager while we just got up and left. He came running after us and finally after our car after realizing we were had decided on leaving.

Whats the quickest car you can get for £25,000 or $50,000?

Though one Mazda dealer let me test drive a brand new Mazda 6 when I was 18. I still want a mazda 6 omgomg. But not right now. I'm in college.

Car salesmen in general are just, well annoying. But if you think about it, they make only so many sales in a period of time and have to go home and feed their wife and children... or their chijuajua.

How old do you have to be in order to buy & drive a 1988 Chevorlet Camero in Georgia?

Not if they're honest used car salesmen. Its the same as everything - you get one dishonest one, they're all tarred with the same brush. Any walk of life, there's always one...

Getting a car loan?

Some are the scum of the universe, and some are great, I have met both and I have had some great deals with good honest service, I bought one car from a dealer and it broke down about 10pm I had his home number and phoned him he came out to fix it right away and I was 65 miles away, not many about like that I know, but I bought about 3 cars of him before he retired, I would have bought all my cars from him if possible.

Anyone selling a Ford Probe?

Actually no, they're not. Although a lot of the responses here do not surprise me as this is probably the worst question on earth that you could ask here.

How do salesmen ask for the sale?

Car Salesmen is simply a job to sell cars.

Trading down at a dealership?

Many times people are so stupid and ignorant when they go buy a car, and they do NOT do their homework prior to purchasing a vehicle blindly... then, when they get into trouble they are the first to go out screaming and stomping saying that car dealerships suck!

Where can i buy a cheap car that runs in little rock ar?

I will remind all these people that private sellers are WORSE than car salesmen. They will do a quick-fix on a problem with a car, and sell it to you without disclosing it just to get their money's worth out of an otherwise crappy car that they couldn't unload on anyone else. People become pirahnas in the car business as much as dealerships.

Carfax Report?

They're just doing a job, man...

Which is the best mid size diesel car in India if a person has to drive about 100 Km daily in Delhi?

It's our responsability to go out there as educated consumers so that we WILL get the best deals.

Would it be possible to purchase an 07 Nissan Murano S AWD for 25,000 dollars?

Good Luck!

Dubai land rover dealers, where are there adresses?


Are ther any more Checker Cabs anymore and if so where can I buy one?

no absolutely not. are they being scum because they're making a living selling a car? the consumer can do they're homework first on what cars are good or bad. just because the consumer is ignorant and gets a lemon don't blame the sales person.

Which would be the best option?

i work for 1 of the largest car sales companies in the uk. my experiences with them is that they are mostly arrogant and just want a sale; however most problems people have with faulty cars is due to sales managers not wanting to pay to have things done. thus the salesmen get all the flack.

Which 4 wheeler is easiest to get financed?

There is not much requried for one to be a used car salesman. It has a lot of pressure and b/c it's commission only you could have a bad experience. Hear females are great to work with ... you justhave to do your homework. Just like every industry, not every single person is a crook.

New car purchase. Please vote.?

But just curious... why would you post a question like this?

A 1985 Buick Reveria in good/fair condition with 50,ooo miles, what should the fair/good price be to buy this?

There's an old saying in the motor trade..."Buyers are Liars"

I need to find if any one is looking restore a vintage vehical all original 1976 year of make orig plates to?

So, maybe the question should be, are used car punters the scum of the universe?

Bought a house the seller has second lien, got sued she won owe over $5000, got the money?

The worst people on the planet are terrorists, not used car salesmen. I don't need salesmen to influence My decision when I buy used cars, because I have a mind of My own.

Is it worth ot to buy a 1999 camaro for $8000 w/ 112000 miles on it?

no drug dealers are the scum of the earth by far

Is it safe to purchace a car from out of the country thru ebay?

Awww, did you get a bad deal on a used car ? You poor thing you. If it wasnt for the used car salesman being there to help you with your needs, you would be on foot. Why didnt you buy a new car ? Payment to high ? Bad credit and the bank would only consider you on a used one at 18 percent ? What fantastic humanitarian field do you work in ?

I recently purchased a car and...?

it's a job ,have you got ONE.
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