Are Range Rovers 2003 and after good cars? Im looking for a top of the line SUV?

I'm looking at range rovers x5 and G500

What is cheaper-buying or leasing a car?

ur thoughts?


How do I transfer ownership of my car to my girlfriend, and vice versa?

X5 might be a little more reliable than the RR, but not much. What about the GL450? It is an awesome SUV, very fast, very plush. If you need even faster, get the ML630 AMG, but it is very, very expensive.

Jeep wrangler or Mini Cooper?

Range Rovers generally are very luxurious, but not very good for what you pay for them.

Best quality for the money, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic or Chevy Cobalt?

Anything non American will be very good for you, X5 Germans have a good reputation for reliability

What car should i buy? either ford focus st2 or an astra vx?

If you want something that looks cool, constantly leaks oil, and will spend most of its life at the repair shop it is the SUV for you!
If you want a "top of the line" SUV a Toyota or Lexus is of much better quality.

Need to sell 2006 Suzuki forenza,anyone looking to buy a car.?

I read a few years ago that there is an overperception of quality with regards to Range Rovers. Maning they are not as great as people think.

Which sat nav is the best, TomTom or Garman?

Two friends each have one (one 2005, one 2006) - both say there are lots of little issues. One will never buy another one and selling his now, the other plans on having the car for another 10 years, they love it cuz it's safe & comfortable. Oh, the gas mileage is really bad.

My friend still owes money on her car but wants someone else to take over her payments. How do you do this?

I have a Lexus SUV and absolutely love it. Great car and nothing has gone wrong in the 4 yrs I've had it.
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