Any advice on getting a new/used car?

My credit is not as good as it once was. I bought a car that has all sorts of problems and now would like to trade it for another. I owe about 6,000 on it. Do you think my chances on getting another car loan is less than great? Thanks


Is it better to buy a car from a Dealer or Private Owner?

You might be charged a lot of extra points on that and not get the full value of your car, most dealerships don't give you near as much as the car is worth, you might try and sell the car for enough to pay it off first then your credit will improve a little, Be careful there are a lot of dirty rats out there that dont mind ripping off people and read the contract they offer as well if they say you will get something be sure you can read it in your contract or it means nothing and is forgotten after you sign the contract. If its used ask for a three day return based on an inspection from a mechanic and get it in writing. Good Luck and GOD Bless

Bought a used car from private seller, who claimed the car was in great condition, oh but did he lie. help?

You will probably get a new loan on another car, but you are going to get reamed in the process.

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First, they will tell you your car is worth very little and offer you WAY less than what it really IS worth.

How to negotiate?

Next, they will lie and say "we're really sorry but the best rate we can get you is 19% (or some such high #)

I am thinking of buying a scooter/moped. Any advice/opinions/suggestions?

You will end up paying on that loan for the next8 or 10 years!!

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Try to keep your car running, pay it off with no late pmts, rebuild your good credit, and THEN go buy a new car.
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