H3 Car Payments?

I plan on purchasing a new H3 for my wife sometime next month with a down payment of $7,000-$8000. The asking price will be at around $33,000 on the new vehicle. I plan on trying to knock off about $2000 to drop the price down to about $31,000. What will be the estimated payments be for each month with either a five or six year payment plan? I have really good credit at this time also. What kind of interest rate can I expect on this purchase?


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Depending upon the interest rate your payment for a 6-year schedule for a $23,000 loan...

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$319.44 - $390.00/mo.

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...and for a 5-year loan...

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$383.33 - $450.00/mo.

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Why the hell would you want to buy a Hummer. They are trucks that just happen to look a certain shape. They are nothing special and in the long run aren't that good of a car. If you want something like a hummer, get a Chevy Tahoe or a Suburban, you can never go wrong with those trucks.
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