Anyone know what the price of a ford mondeo "zetec" 51 reg should be. I am in the u.k.?

The car has 61000 miles on the clock and is a "Zetec" model. The garage wanted 4,295 but he said he would take 4,000. Is this a fair price for a car like this or am I paying too much?


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On average, the price is about right if it is the 2.0 zetec. but without knowing the condition its hard to say

That Darn Repo Man????

If it is an independant garage, the best thing you can do though, is get an AA inspection. They will inspect the car and advise you if there is anything wrong with it and also let you know if it a reasonable price

Value of used Geo? Kelley Blue Book??

Not a bad price, I would have said between £3500 and £4000, so its about right. If you want to get a good idea of what other mondeos are selling for try looking for them on

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Don't forget to run a HPI check, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Good luck, don't be afraid to try to get more money off if you find one cheaper else where!

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From a garage thats pretty much the going rate. I'd maybe argue that the miles are slightly above average and see if he'll drop to £3900 or even fill the tank with fuel for you. Every little helps.

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Good car the zetec mondeo.

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Personally I'd have said £3500 tops from a garage, thats 6 years old now, it's not worth 33% of it's original price when you could get a 53/04 one for slightly more, just by looking around a bit.
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