About car milage?

I want to buy this car from a friend of my dad, but she said that she does not a lot of miles in it...Do you guys know if you can put more miles in the car or just throw it away, because the car is still bran new, and she's an old lady and there is like no damage on it..Suggestions.


What kind of deal am I gonna get?

to put more miles on the odometer, you have to unscrew it, and then put a 9-vold battery, to the places in the back,

I want to buy a car from Germany.does anybody knows how to bring it to Greece and how much will cost extra?

i really don't understand ur ?

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Mileage is only part of an equation on whether a car is a good deal or not...

If you have a car loan and the lender increase your monthly note without your consent?

there are ultra low mile cars out there i wouldn't want because the proper maintainace wasn't done at proper time to keep it maintained in good conditon...

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or a teenage boy was the primary driver who hot rodded it i.e. was always trying to spin the tires frowards and backwards... that put a lot of har wear and tear on the parts..

Pay repair shop for a vehicle that you took over payment and they did not pay it is up for repo?

overall condition of that particular car is what needs evaluated and also compare the same year make and models of this car... at what mileage are the engines/transmissions etc seeming to fail etc.

Wondering which one I should buy?

there are a few cars out there that were only desicned to go 80-150,000 miles in the first place in other words concidered disposable uset them for a while then throw them away...

Has anyone had any bad experiences buying cars off of Ebay motors?

you need to be more specific in the questions tell make model and year ...

Is the 07 honda crv a girly car?

a techinicial like myself can tell you what the cars weak points were, what is most likely to go bad or fail etc.

What trucks are the best to get lifted?

take it to a local mechanic who is ASE Certified and have him/her check it over get their opinion of car, and price etc

Would you ever buy a car with a rebuilt title?


Camry 2007?

i'm sorry to say but it's a fed law to tamper with the miles on the car.

What truck? the nissan navara or the new L200?

I think the issue is that the car may not have been driven enough. If a car "sits", some parts deteriorate, corrode and cause serious problems. If the car was not driven for long periods, or if the drive was very short, there could be rust in the cylinder walls and rust in the exhaust system, radiator, rubber fittings, etc.

What type of exhaust would be recommended for a 1993 Honda Accord LX 4dr?

You may want to get a little more history on this vehicle and see if regular maintenance at timely intervals was done. If not, you may want to pass on this one.
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