Are Toyota or Honda Hybrid Cars a better buy?

I've found good information on both, but in general, which would be best for the earth and the wallet?


Car prices?

An honest answer -- neither. Hybrids, while maybe a good step in the right direction for green driving and high mileage, are economic diasters. They are overpriced, very complex and cost a ton of change just to maintain. When the batteries and fuel cells die they must be disposed of as toxic waste and cost THOUSANDS to replace. A good, VW diesel Rabbit will get almost the same fuel mileage, run almost as clean for thousands less than a hybrid without the hassel factor. Choose with your head, not your emotions. Don't let the allure of being seen driving around in a hybrid vehicle trick you into believing you will be making a difference for the enviroment. If that's your goal, move within a few miles from your work and ride a bicycle (that DOES put your money where your mouth is).

How do i get a good deal on a Car from a Main Dealer?

my idea Toyota is best as Honda,decision is for you

Credit score?

only if the price of gas keeps going up. figure how long it will take for the car to pay for its-self at todays gas prices.

Who is getting a new car tomorrow?

Toyota Hybrid Cars are a lot better to buy because Honda hybrids don't get a lot worse gas mileage. For example: The Honda Civic Hybrid only gets about 35 MPG, while the Toyota Prius gets about 45 MPG. They both have the same engine with 110 horsepower.
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