1996 Crown Victoria / Retired Police Car?

Are retired Ford police cars usually a good buy?

Where to post things for sale?

Im thinking about buying a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria police car with 80,000 miles on it. I would imagine that they are kept up with maintenance pretty good because they have to be able to perform right? But at the same time would they be pushed to the max?

Please help me figure out what a fair offer (to a dealer)would be on a 2007 Toyota Rav4 (invoice price=19,378)

The guy's exact words about the car are:

Leasing Cars?

My car has no leaks, engine is strong and fast. The body is alright just a very very little rust in certain spots. The only thing it needs tires. Trans is very good. THe spot light works and it starts right up.

Credit union financing?

What sorta things should I check for? Is there anything that I can check that will give me any hints not to buy the car. (before I take it to a mechanic). And what sorta things should I tell the mechanic to pay more attention to?

What kind of a car should I buy?

I have to dirve about 40 miles a day, from the information here do you think this car will be able to perform that?

New Cars in Canada. Buy or Lease, Which is better??

Thanks in advanced.


List of cars in the tax group g?

Have all the front end suspension and steering checked thoroughly. Ball joints, tie rods etc. Also the brakes, rotors and calipers all the way around. It has been driven hard. I had a 1997 Grand Marquis, my daughter is driving it now. It's the same car, just a little more dressed up. It's been through tie rods, ball joints, brakes, one brake rotor, one brake caliper, 3 wheel bearings, and an intake manifold in the last 2 years.

Bidding on a Yugo? People will buy anything.?

Go to the local jail and ask the criminals how comfortable the rear legroom is.

Where can I find accesories for a 2006 4runner, like spoilers and fins etc. please note websites.. thanks?

Those things are always abused. Find a mechanic you trust and ask him to go with you when you check the car out and make sure that he gets a real good look at everything and drive it around a bit to check for any problems it might have. Take it on the freeway to see how it performs at speed.
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