Any one know a used car salesperson in the Syracuse/Rochester/Buffal... NY area? Please help, I need a car!?

Anyone know a used car sales woman in the Syracuse /Rochester/ Buffalo NY area that they can recommend to me? Or any sales person that will deal fairly with a single woman buying a used car. So far my vehicle search has been a nightmare. I have good credit, a down payment and know what car I want, I just cant get a salesman to be on the level with me at all. I might as well be wearing a tee shirt that says "Sally Sucker". Its frustrating. Thanks!


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My husband sells for Legacy Ford, in East Syracuse and will give you fair treatment. If you want, e-mail me, and I'll give you his name...I'd rather not identify myself (by identifying him) on the net.

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Good luck.

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Yes, his name is Honest Mike and he works at Honest Abes in NY.

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Try Steve Usselman at Van brunt in HHDS

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bill brown at saturn of clarence

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Try They ship straight to your door. Very honest and humble people. You can get it inspected prior to purchase too..
good luck
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