Any brand new SUV you can recommend for 25,500 dollars?

im looking at something that is AWD for snow good gas mileage, and of course reliable, pls help me out im confused which to choose


Does anyone have any recommendations for Phoenix-area used car dealers that practice no haggle pricing?

You can get the new 2007 Honda CR-V SUV for $20,700. They are extremely reliable cars, and they hold up great! They have 4-wheel drive which is great for snow and ice. You can check it out at . I hope this helps :)

What's the difference between leasing and car and buying a car?


I am looking to buy a new full-size SUV. Any suggestions on what I should get?

Pay a bit more for a Saturn Outlook or less for a Escape/Tribute.

How many cars?

if looking for reliability get a Toyota Rav 4

Is it good to buy cars from auctions and sale for profit?

Subaru Forester. Voted 'Best Small SUV' 3 years in a row by Car and Driver. AWD, everything Subaru currently makes has received a 5 star crash safety rating, decent gas mileage (22 city /29 highway), and the base model (173 hp/166 ft-lbs) starts at MSRP $21,195, or you can get the XT (turbocharged 224 hp/166 ft-lbs) starting at MSRP $25,995.

To buy a used car you don't need credit right just down payment?

Used Nissan Murano's are anywhere from about $18,500-$26,500. We have a '04 but it does not have AWD and we just love it! Just so you know AWD Comes on Murano's.

What type of car would you buy?

Look around for SUVs that catch your attention, look up opinions and reviews on auto websites, and take the ones that you like for a test drive. This decision-making process worked for me. However, the test drive was the biggest factor in my final decision. Also, decide on features and options, e.g. ABS, heated seat, side curtain air bags, traction control you want. These should help your narrow your search.

Where's the best place to buy a used 125cc bike in the UK?

Regardless, sounds like your looking for a small to mid- sized SUV. The Chevy Equinox, Chrysler Pacifica, Ford Escape, Honda CRV, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4, and Saturn Vue are just a few of your options. I own a Saturn Vue, but I have a friend that own Honda CRV and another that owns a Toyota RAV4. All have been completely reliable and trouble free. Good luck, I hope this helps.

Im in the market for a new car, the one i'm looking at is priced at $19,725...?

Yes. A Honda CRV-EX , or a Toyota RAV4. I just bought a new CRV and love it.

How do used cars traders make money?

I would recommend the Ford Freestyle, which this year gets touched up with a new name (Taurus X) and more powerful engine 3.5L V6 and 6 Speed automatic. The vehicle also has AWD availability, and fuel mileage is about 20-29MPG, using regular fuel.

A car buying question?

The vehicle also heared high crash testing scores as well, and seats 7 with a folding into floor, 3rd row seats. It sits a bit higher than the 500 and gives you a clear view, without the top heaviness of traditional SUV's.

Im paying high interset on my car there anyway i could decrease it?

The vehicle was rated high in reliability according to JDPower, the authority on automotive research data.

The lienholder on my car is incorrect, how can I get it corrected?

Hope this helps.. ;-)

What is the best 4-weels car I can buy around 5.000?

toyota rav4 toyota highlanger or a saturn vue ford explore or a honda pilot honda crv
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