1998 Honda Civic DX Coupe??



Is it normal for a car salesman to ask you for a copy of your pay stub, electric bill, and phone bill?

Do you plan to swap the stock motor? Do you want to have air conditioning and a radio? How much money is in your budget to build your car?

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The coupe is a better choice as far as overall body rigidity. In other words, you'll have less chasis flex with the coupe; the chasis design of the coupe makes it stronger than the hatchback. Less chasis flex results in better control of the car. The CX hatchback will be the lightest of the EK chasis Civic's. You should invest in parts to stiffen rear section of hatchback chasis. Here are some specs on the two motors offered in 1996-2000 USDM Civic -

Someone with carfax please help!! Can anyone look up 3 vin #s? or just one..whaterver you can do. thanks!?

CX / DX / LX - D16Y7
Horsepower - 106hp @ 6200rpm
Torque - 103ft-lb @ 4600rpm

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EX - D16Y8
Horsepower - 127hp @ 6600rpm
Torque - 107ft-lb @ 5500rpm

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If you are not concerned with weight or swapping the stock motor, choose EX model. It has a SOHC VTEC, rear disc brakes, and all the power options. Plus, the EX ECU and transmission are slightly more aggressive, resulting in better performance. Depending on your budget, you should first upgrade intake and exhaust. Opening the intake / exhaust is one of the best ways to make power. Most Honda motors have very restrictive intake and exhaust systems. Installing a Skunk2 throttle body / intake manifold will result in good power gains. I suggest a 2-piece design exhaust manifold, incorporated with a stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. DC Sports makes a decent stainless steel exhaust header. Tanabe makes good cat-back systems for Honda. Install a 2-piece exhaust header because they are slightly easier to install than 1-piece designs; use a stainless steel exhaust manifold if you have the money. After installing bolt-ons, you should -

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#1 Re-map ECU, let me know if you need to know how, this is also the cheapest way to make better use of your newly installed parts

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#2 Re-program ECU, using Hondata re-flash, then get your motor dyno tuned

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#3 Purchase a "piggy-back" AFC unit, such as Apexi NEO, then get your motor dyno tuned

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#4 Purchase a "stand-alone" unit, such as AEM EMS, then have motor dyno tuned

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Dyno tuning is the best way to get the most performance out of your motor.

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I run a 1993 CX hatchback. I chose the CX because it does not come with air conditioning or a factory radio. Of all the models offered, the CX is the lightest. The rear/cargo area of my hatchback has been modified to increase body rigidity. I installed a C-pillar bar along with a rear tower brace, and some minor welding on subframe to increase stiffness of chasis. If you are unfamiliar with pillars, here is an explanation -

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A pillars - located in between windshield and driver/passenger side windows (front dash)

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B pillars - located in between front and rear doors on sedan, or in between driver/passenger doors and rear side glass on coupe/hatchback

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C pillars - located in between rear side glass and rear windshield (back dash)

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Hope this helps your build, let me know if you need further help.

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It really doesn’t matter as long as you wear your hat like that while you drive it. People will get the point.

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ex is the best, bigger engine with power doors/locks/windows. if you get anything else no power locks/doors/windows and smaller engine.

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Yea this you looks better when u mod it out, body kit and custom tail and headlights and a nice paint job to finish it off then do all the engine mods
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