A fleet vehicle ?

I know what a fleet vehicle is but on CARFAX it says

I need a good used reliable car for under 6000. any suggestions?

Sold at auction
in Texas
Listed as
a fleet vehicle

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How can I find out what kind of company it was used for? I don't want it if it was used by a police force, they drive the crap out of those things.

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Would a cop use a '03 Cadillac Escalade?


I need to get a car.?

I doubt a cop would drive an Escalade. GM executives and certain employees drive fleet vehicles. They are also sold to rental companies like Enterprise, Hertz etc. Sports teams also buy a fleet of cars for their teams, as well as special events for participants. Like Golf tours supply the players with cars while they are in that city. GMAC also supplies some of their executive employees with vehicles. Whoever originally put the vehicle into fleet service, took it out of their fleet and sold it at an auction in Texas. If a dealer has it now, they should know who it was originally titled to. They get the title from the auction company. And usually most decent car dealers buy low mileage, well taken care of vehicles that will sell. Of course, there are less reputable dealers at auctions as well. But reputable car dealers will most likely tell you where the car came from.

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No a cop wouldn't
Fleet vehicles are used by, corporations and executives, General motors had fleet cars for their high ups as well as plant managers and dept. Managers so the list of where it came from is endless.

Would someone with a CARFAX account check out this vehicle please? VIN 1HGCG5649WA054160 I will return favor.?

Simple answer: do a title search on the vehicle at the DMV it will cost a couple of bucks but it will be worth it.

Craigslist question?

If it has 20-25K miles on it, a dealer would buy it for their inventory and you wouldn't bat an eye buying it...
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