1996 Mercedes 320E 2dr Coupe.?

..with leather seats and 172,000kms on the clock. Is this likely to be a tired old donkey or can I put my faith in Mercedes' fabled engineering? (Can't decide whether to bother travelling 150 miles for a test drive)

Does this sound like a scam?

And what do you think would be a fair price if it turns out to be in good overall nick? (Pounds stirling would be preferable here)


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I've been driving an early 80s MB for 8 years but the awful truth is that many 90s models were not as good. They copped a bad batch of insulation on the wiring loom about the engine for some years. This deteriorated quickly which has led to a lot of electrical problems. However the bad supplier was replaced about '96 so your prospective car might/might not be affected.

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Some 6-cyl engines start blowing head gaskets from 100,000 km on (62,000miles) in the 104 series engine. This can cost the GNP of a small nation to fix. First sign is oil leaking around head gasket (or a suspiciously clean motor) Problems with water pumps, radiators, engine mounts, cooling fan clutches, fan belt tensioners, the cooling system generally. Exhaust systems expensive.

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The model changed in '96. The newer model was even worse and a more expensive fix. If your prospective car has the new body, I'd suggest you look for a Toyota. I'd suggest that anyway.

Has anyone ever dealt with a car sales/export company in Japan called Globiz?

Be careful,as ones made after 1991 have electrical problems.
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