A big thank you vectra 1999?

thanks to everyone who replied to my question .Took all of your answers and gave them a whirl unfortunately nothing came of them .Been out today bought a new air mass sensor and a throttle body £300 but worth a go especially when dealer wants £720 .Went to local scrapyard cant get second hand one like rocking horse @@@@ to find and then theres no gaurantee it will work. Guy working in scrapyard has a vectra hes been through 3 used ones advised me bite the bullet and buy new.CHEERS EVERYONE!!


Could anyone help me run this VIN check? Urgently Need To Know if I am making the right choice?


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This is a well known issue with the Vectra engine.
I have a 1997 P-reg 1.8 gls which does the following.

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On a cold day.
Starts fine, idles a little fast (950rpm)
But if you try to start it from warm (10 to 20 mins off) on a cold day it will idle erratically from 350 to 1300 rpm and often stall, and continues to do this for the first 3 to 4 minutes until it gets hotter.
On warm days it is better.
When starting hot there is no problem.

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I have been told that it is due to carbon build up in the throttle body which leads to faulty sensor readings.
Last year instead of replacing the throttle body the garage just cleaned it and has worked for 14 months allthough I can see it is beginning to start again.
Gettign a new one will solve the problem for a while but it is a design "feature".

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If yours behaves like this I would imagine the reason is the same.

How to negotiate?

Have a search for vectra 1.8 throttle body idle on a search engine and you will find the following etc.
Have a read through these.

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Good luck !
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